1.Shipping from China to Worldwide: 

Good to know when ordering products from China Central Warehouse:

Prices for products sold from central stock are 0% VAT. 

Most products are subject to the payment of import duties (e.g. in the U.S.) or other duties, and other charges including value-added tax (VAT) or other taxes. If these are applicable, they will be levied and determined when the shipment is processed by the applicable customs agency in your country. Please check your country's import policy to understand and ascertain the applicability of and your liability for any such duties or taxes for the products you purchase.

All applicable duties and taxes, if any, are not included in the purchase price of your order or transaction. 

Payment of the above-referred duties, charges and taxes are not our responsibility.

We shall not be responsible for any shipping or customs delay since this is outside our control. 

* Finland ALV ( VAT) : All products for less than € 22 (excluding shipping) are completely tax-free!*

2.Shipping from US to US

Tax (VAT) included.

3.Shipping from Europe to Europe : 

Tax (VAT) included.

Thanks for your cooperation.